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10 October 2008

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Katalog Stron on January Sunshine
nice shot,wish all the best and Happy New Year

Kristen on January Sunshine
Lesley - I had no idea you had this photoblog. Wow - you are so talented!! This is a gorgeous photo. I love the ...

Colleen on January Sunshine
It's warming me up from the inside out!

Michelle on Pea Soup
Love this. So misty and moody.

Steve Rice on January Sunshine
A sunny shot indeed!

Linerberry on January Sunshine
Lovely to see you back Lesley and what a beautiful bright image to come back with:-)

Self-Indulgence on January Sunshine
Beautiful color here!

TV Guy on Trick-or-Treat?

Craig on Trick-or-Treat?
Too funny! Nice one!

willow on Trick-or-Treat?
Snow?! not ready for snow!

Colleen on Reflection
Lovely. Is it strange that I want to pet him??? He looks so soft. :)

B. Thomas on Trick-or-Treat?
Snow so soon? Perfect autumn photo. BYW, just looked at your book blog. Very cool!

Colleen on Snow Day!
Ohhhhh, this might be my favourite. The colour, the sweetness!

Laurie on Snow Day!
Beautiful and contradictory. I think we are in for a long cold winter. We also had an early snow just north of me in ...

jeff (aka dogilicious) on Trick-or-Treat?
Snow in PA for the last 2 days! Better get the pine tree cut!

grouser on Trick-or-Treat?
Heavens to Betsy, I get back from basking in the sun to snow pics in October. Brrr. I feel for those flowers. The ...

Ronnie 2¢ on Trick-or-Treat?
hee hee . . what a twist to the occasion . . wide reports of early snow this year : could be an interesting winter.

PD on Trick-or-Treat?

Steve Rice on Trick-or-Treat?
Lucky you! Nice shot. I like that bright orange.

Jeff on Trick-or-Treat?
You couldn't stage a shot like this..! brilliant !

john4jack on Trick-or-Treat?
Snow before Halloween; that is indeed silly!!

MrsAmber on Trick-or-Treat?
Yes that is silly!...Keep warm! Hope your pumpkins don't freeze!

Anthony Morgan Lambert on Early Snowfall
Simply lovely,great colours and focus !!

Anthony Morgan Lambert on Trick-or-Treat?
BBRRR !!!! Chilly but Silly !

john4jack on Snow Day!

jeff (aka dogilicious) on Snow Day!

Ronnie 2¢ on Snow Day!
What a delightfully curious image this makes with snow flakes on summer flowers . . the limited color here makes it all ...

Steve Rice on Snow Day!
That's the end of those flowers.

Jeff on Snow Day!
As long as it's only "pictures" of snow and ice I get to see,i'll be a happy bunny. ;>))

MrsAmber on Snow Day!
Oh no! It's going to be a long winter.... what a lovely shot though..hope the quality of the shot helps to keep ...

Steve Rice on Early Snowfall
I drove to Bend, OR from the south yesterday. There was snow beside the road in shady places in southern Oregon. ...

john4jack on Early Snowfall
Dynamite selective focus. We saw snow on one of the passes on our road trip last Thursday.

john4jack on Ubiquitous
Superb. So lovely.

Julie on Ubiquitous
Very nice!

MrsAmber on Ubiquitous
Great macro shot...just lovely!

Steve Rice on Western Tiger Swallowtail

Steve Rice on Ubiquitous
A gorgeous shot of summer.

Ronnie 2¢ on Western Tiger Swallowtail
This is like a delicate painting . . lovely image.

john4jack on Western Tiger Swallowtail
Absolutely superb. Exquisite photograph.

Anthony Morgan Lambert on Western Tiger Swallowtail
WOW !! Stunning shot.A1 stuff.

Grifola on Western Tiger Swallowtail
nice shot for the butterfly but black smudge in upper left is a bit visually distracting, consider slight crop or ...

MrsAmber on Western Tiger Swallowtail
Excellently caught!

Max on Western Tiger Swallowtail
Great shot :)

Steve Rice on An Apple a Day...

MrsAmber on An Apple a Day...
Oooo crunch crunch lovely! A lovely shot ..very topical since I have a bag of wind falls just given to me ...

MrsAmber on Drifting
Excellent composition..lovely water!

Ronnie 2¢ on Drifting
So placid . . brings back fond memories of drifting into sudden squalls and of wet feet !

Linerberry on Drifting
Oh what an idylic and romantic image:-) the water looks like velvet:-)

Colleen on Nessun dorma!
Well, hello! How are you?

john4jack on Nessun dorma!

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